Canare L-5CFW Digital Video Coaxial Cable - 100M

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CA-L-5CFW 100M
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  • Solid copper center conductor
  • Double braided shield enables flexibility and good bending performance
  • Foam PE dielectric insulation
  • Precision, 100% sweep tested coax
  • Ideal for HD-serial digital video, HDTV upgrade, and broadband applications
  • Supports SMPTE 259M, 292M, and 424M signals

The L-5CFW Flexible Digital Video Coaxial Cable (100M) from Canare is a flexible digital and precision digital video coaxial cable that suitable for wide range of video formats for any professional broadcast applications. Another best function is suitable for HD-SDI distribution as well.

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Dielectric (Insulation) Material: Foam PE
Strength: 1000 VAC / min
Outer Diameter Nominal: 0.30" (7.7 mm)
Inner Conductor: 0.04" (1.05 mm)
Insulation: 0.19" (4.9 mm)
Conductor Material Bare copper #18 (AWG)
Shield Material Coverage Inner: 0.12TA mm
7 ends
24 carriers (93% or more)
Outer: 0.12TA mm
9 ends
24 carriers (96% or more)
Conductor Composition: 18x AWG
1/0.5A (Quantity / mm)
Attenuation At 10 MHz: 2.1 dB per 100 m
Conductor D.C.R. 2.3 Ω per 100 m
Shield D.C.R 0.5 Ω per 100 m
Nominal Capacitance At 1 KHz: 17 pF per ft (55 pF per meter)
Impedance 75 Ω
Length 984' (300 m)
Weight Approximately 61.00 lb (27.67 kg)
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