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Magewell USB Capture SDI Plus, One Channel 2K

SKU MGW-32050
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Rp 7.128.000
Rp 7.128.000 - Rp 7.128.000
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● Capture SD/HD/3G/2K-SDI & Embedded Audio
● Loop-Through SD/HD/3G/2K-SDI
● Line-In Audio Input
● De-Embed Audio from SDI

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The Magewell USB Capture SDI Plus is a one-channel 2K capture device that interfaces with your computer via USB 3.0. It features loop-through BNC input/output that allows you to see your video on a downstream device, while you are capturing it into your computer. It also has a line-in audio input, for capturing audio directly, without picture, or you can de-embed the audio from the SDI stream.


About Magewell Dongle :
Capture SD/HD/3G/ 2K SDI + embedded audio
Loop-through SD/HD/3G/2K SDI
Audio input via Line in
Extract SDI embedded audio and output via Line out
Compatible with Windows
Compatible with Linux
Compatible with Mac OS X
Plug and Play
Support UVC Protocol
Up/down Scaling
Image Control
Various Output Color Spaces
Firmware Upgrade
Compatibility with Software
Continuously Work for 24h x7
Multiple Devices on One Host