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Ross openGear Frame with Cooling

by Ross
Harga Rp 31.900.000 - Harga Rp 31.900.000
Rp 31.900.000
Rp 31.900.000 - Rp 31.900.000
Harga Special Rp 31.900.000
Termasuk PPN 11%

Fitur utama

• OpenGear Frame with Cooling Frame for openGear Cards.
• Modular Rear (I/O Modules not included).
• Can mix and match any signal types with appropriate Rear Modules.
• 20 openGear card slots, 1 controller slot, and 1 reference slot.

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Ross openGear Frame with Cooling adalah openGear® modular frame 2RU high-density yang menawarkan 600 Watts dari total daya dalam format 20 slot berkapasitas tinggi. Ini menggunakan faktor bentuk yang sama dan remote control DashBoard ™ seperti frame 20 slot lainnya dan mendukung semua kartu yang kompatibel dengan OpenGear dan modul I/O, tetapi menawarkan daya pengguna yang jauh lebih banyak. OGX dirancang untuk memenuhi tuntutan IP and hybrid infrastructures paling kompleks saat ini, mendukung aplikasi IP dan UHD yang berkembang.

Fitur-Fitur :

  • 600 watt power supply with redundancy option. New high-power mode allows 23W per slot.
  • Full openGear® 3.0 compatibility supporting openGear-compatible cards as well as latest and legacy 20-slot frame openGear rear modules.
  • Gigabit Ethernet to every slot within the frame (available on frames with Advanced Networking).
  • Optional DataSafe network-card stored backup and restore allows swapping of hosted cards with all settings automatically uploaded to the new card - no hassles trying to remember card settings. Settings are restored only when a DataSafe detects same-model card as replacement. (Available with the advanced networking control option.)
  • Power supply is hot-swappable for 24/7 operation.
  • Front LCD display and FrameGlow customizable multi-color, flexible-function lightbar. Wide high-visibility design provides "across-the-room" visibility of any customizable status or frame ID functions.
  • Two independent looping references internally routed to all user card slots.
  • Separate power cords to each power supply for power redundancy.
  • Network Controller Card enables multiple copies of DashBoard™ for seamless remote setup, monitoring, and control. SNMP option can further be added.
  • Fan status and error indicator LEDs on front of the frame.
  • Hinged, pull-away front door panel lowers to allow quick, easy card insertion.
  • Remote control/monitoring via Ethernet using free DashBoard™ software, or optional OGCP-9000 remote control panel.